L-Arabinose Powder/inhibit sucrose absorption

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L-arabinose, a kind of low-calorie sweetener, exists widely in the skins of fruits and whole grains. It can inhibit sucrose absorption and relieve constipation and is applied to food, medicine and health care.

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Natural and healthy: L-arabinose is difficult to digest and absorb, and suitable for long-term consumption.

Meet functional requirements:

Inhibit sucrose absorption: L-arabinose can block the part absorption of the sucrose and reduce the risk of diabetes. It is suitable for diabetic patients.

Relieve constipation: When sucrose and L-arabinose enter the large intestine of the body, they can be decomposed by microorganisms to produce a large amount of organic acid and carbon dioxide, which increase intestinal osmotic pressure and motility to achieve ease-constipation.


ASSAY (on dry substance)         ≤ 99-102
moisture %                                  ≤ 0.5
Sulphate ash %                            ≤ 0.1
melting point/℃ 154-160
chloride(cl-)                             ≤ 0.005
Sulphate   %                                 ≤ 0.005

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What’s the product application ?

Food: With inhibiting sucrose absorption and relieving constipation, L-arabinose can be used as a sweetener to diet foods such as candies, beverages, yogurt, milk tea and sugar-free drinks.

Flavors and fragrances: L-arabinose is an ideal intermedium for producing flavors and fragrances, which can make better aromas.

Medicine: As an important pharmaceutical intermedium.
As a pharmaceutical excipient and filler.

Flavors and fragrances

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