In recent years, with the popularity of "reduced sugar" and rising people's health consciousness, the concept of "reduced sugar" constantly impacts on people's perception for health food products. L-arabinose as the main additive becomes a popular direction of reducing sugar food.

L-arabinose belongs to pentacarbose, which is a white acicular crystal or crystalline powder at room temperature. It is usually combined with other monosaccharides in nature, and exists in the form of heteropolysaccharides in colloid, hemicellulose, pectin acid and some glycosides. L-arabinose is usually deprived from corn cob by hydrolysis separation.

As a low-calorie sweetener, L-arabinose has its own sweet taste, which is half as sweet as sucrose, and can be used instead of sucrose.

01 Regulate blood sugar levels

L-arabinose itself is difficult to digest and absorb. In the human intestine, it can reduce the absorption of sucrose by inhibiting the activity of sucrase, thereby reducing the increase in blood sugar caused by the intake of sucrose. Studies have shown that adding L-arabinose to sucrose beverages can reduce the blood sugar levels and insulin levels of healthy men after meals, and will not have adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

02 Regulate the intestinal environment

L-arabinose has a good laxative effect, can promote small intestine movement and increase the frequency of bowel movements. The co-intake of L-arabinose and sucrose can effectively increase the content of short-chain fatty acids in the cecum and regulate the composition and metabolic activities of the intestinal flora, thereby affecting the metabolism of other substances.

03 Regulate lipid metabolism 

L-arabinose regulates the growth of the intestinal flora, thereby increasing the excretion of cholesterol in the feces by regulating the metabolism of bile acids, reducing the absorption of cholesterol and its selective fermentation to produce short-chain fatty acids to regulate the cholesterol levels of humans and animals.


01 Food
L-arabinose is stable. Its Maillard reaction can impart unique flavor and color to foods and can be used in bakery foods.

L-arabinose can also be used instead of sucrose. Its ability to inhibit sucrose absorption can alleviate a series of health problems caused by high-sucrose diets and reduce the damage caused by sucrose to the human body by adding it to foods such as candies, beverages, yogurt, and milk tea. Regulate blood sugar levels and promote human health.

02 Functional products
In recent years, anti-sugar products with L-arabinose as the main additive have become popular. This mainly uses L-arabinose to inhibit sucrose activity to reduce sucrose absorption and reduce the blood sugar burden caused by sugar intake. This type of anti-sugar tablets except In addition to L-arabinose, it is also mixed with white kidney bean extract, chia seeds, inulin and other beneficial ingredients to reduce sugar intake in many ways, improve intestinal function, and promote human health. It is suitable for people with anti-sugar needs.

In addition to anti-sugar tablets, the use of L-arabinose to inhibit the absorption of sucrose and regulate lipid metabolism to make functional products suitable for the "three high" and obese people is also popular, such as functional capsules and beverages. , Tea, etc.

03 Flavors and fragrances
L-arabinose is an ideal intermediate for the synthesis of flavors and fragrances, which can make the flavors and fragrances produce a soft and rich aroma, and give the end product the fragrance closer to the natural fragrance.
04 medicine
L-arabinose is an important synthetic pharmaceutical intermediate, which can be used to synthesize cytarabine, adenosine arabinoside, D-ribose, L-ribose, etc., and can also be used as a pharmaceutical excipient and filler.

Post time: Dec-29-2021