Galactoligosaccharide (GOS) powder/syrup

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GOS is a mixture of oligosaccharides with lactose as raw material and by the action of beta-galactosidase. It is an oligosaccharide which links the galactose molecule with beta(1-4), beta(1-6), beta(1-3) bonds on the galactose group in the molecule of lactose. The molecular formula is(Galactose)n-Glucose.

The main components are galactosyl transfer oligosaccharides (TOS) and galactosyl transfer disaccharides (TD).

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1. Sweetness
It is 30 to 40 percent sweeter compared with sugar cane and has a soft sweetness.

2. viscosity
The viscosity of(75 Brix)GOS is higher than sucrose,The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity.

3. Stability
GOS is relatively stable under high temperature and acid conditions. pH is 3.0,Heat it at 160 degrees for 15 minutes without degradation. GOS is suitable for acidic products.

4. Moisture retention & hygroscopicity
It's hygroscopic, so the ingredients should be kept in a dry place.

5. Coloring
Maillard reaction occurs when heated and works well when food needs a certain grilling color.

6. Preservation stability: It is stable for one year at room temperature.

7 Water activity
The control of water activity is very important for the shelf life of products. GOS has a water activity similar to sucrose。When the concentration was 67%. The water activity was 0.85. The water activity decreased with the increase of concentration.

Product Types

It is generally divided into two types,GOS powder and syrup, the content was no less than 57% and 27%.

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